Karen Weaver started as a Wood Carver, then moved on to sculpting Bronzes. Then she created her own medium, known as EIFS Art Sculpture. “EIFS” refers to Exterior Insulation and Finish System, which is a building system that is commonly used on Houses and Commercial buildings. She uses this same system to produce Sculptures. These life size Sculptures start with a wood or steel armature (or skeleton) and then layers of Styrofoam are added and sculpted with simple hand tools and hot knives to carve the foam into the shape desired. Then it is covered with mesh and a cement based coating for strength. The Sculpture is finished with a textured Acrylic Finish coat or a smooth Acrylic paint. Here are some examples of EIFS Sculptures that Karen has produced.

EIFS Sculpture

eifs art

“The Art Of EIFS” DVD

dressageThis DVD will show you all the tools and techniques you need to start sculpting with EIFS. You will see a half life-size horse sculpture being made from start to finish, as well as many other examples of what can be produced using the EIFS Medium. It also includes a written overview of the DVD and a list of suppliers. Sculpting with the EIFS medium is cost efficient, especially for large outdoors sculptures and does well for smaller sculpture also. DVD Format-152 minutes.

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BRONZE SCULPTURE- Artist Karen Weaver

Bronze Sculpture

Original Oil Paintings by Karen Weaver


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