Black Star


Black Star is Registered with Friesian Heritage Horse and his offspring are eligible for Registration with this Association, whether your mare is a Grade or Registered. For Purebred Friesians, he is Registered with FHANA registration

The undersigned, hereinafter known as mare owner, does hereby agree to breed:

Name of mare: ___________________________________, Breed Registry_______________ Registration # _______________, Date of birth: ________________ 

Name of Owner as recorded with Breed Registry ____________________________________

Black Stars Stud Fee is $800.00 Mare Owner agrees to pay a Stud Fee of $800.00, to breed with a live foal guarantee. Stud fee must be paid in full before the breeding or before semen is shipped. The live foal guarantee would be fulfilled if the foal has stood and nursed successfully after the birth. In the event the mare aborts prior to birth, the mare owner can bring the mare back until she is checked in foal for up to a year from the contract start date. The Mare owner must agree to take all the precautions needed to prevent birthing problems due to Fescue. If the foal dies due to problems related to fescue, the contract will be considered void and there will be no refund of any part of the Stud Fee. In the case of still born or birthing problems, the Mare owner must have a Vet exam and signed Vet explanation of cause of death.

Breeding Options

AI at our Farm- Mare owner will give notice at least 24 hours prior to first breeding. Mare care while Mare is on our farm for breeding is $10.00/day which is payable on departure.  Any mare brought to the premises must have proof of negative Coggins, and must be healthy and up to date on vaccinations. Mare must be halter broke and safe for handling and breeding. Rear shoes must be removed prior to arrival at farm. Any mare deemed unsafe for personnel or stallion will be rejected from live cover or AI. We charge a $30.00 Chute Fee on re-breeds to cover the insemination. Please have your mare checked for infection and breeding soundness prior to bringing her in. We ask that the Mare be in heat when you bring her. We breed every other day while she is still showing to be in heat.  Mare care will be payable when you pick your Mare up.

Shipped Cooled Semen- Contract and Stud Fee should be paid in advance. Mail to: Karen Weaver, 889 Bennett Rd, Buffalo, KY 42716 (Money Order,  Bank Check or Paypal) Semen is shipped by Fedex overnight. Shipping and collection fees to a USA address  is $250.00.with an additional $25.00 charge for Saturday delivery.  You can include this with your mailed payment, or pay the Shipping and collection fees by Paypal when the semen is ordered. Keep in touch with us when you are preparing your Mare for breeding with a rough estimate of possible breeding date then call us when you have a definite breeding date. We need to be called at least the day before the ship date. For example…Your Mare will be ready to AI on Friday, so we will need to collect and ship on Thursday morning, so you need to order your semen by Wednesday. Our breeding shed is available to ship everyday Monday through Friday. Be aware that we can not ship on Holidays that Fed-ex is closed on. We will need a ship to address,  phone number, and email to send tracking notification when ordering semen.

Pick up of Cooled Semen- This may be a good option for you if you are within a 3 or 4 hour drive of our Stallion Station.  This is also an ideal option if you are breeding on foal heat! This will allow you to use your own Vet to AI from home, without having to transport your mare and foal or pay Mare care or chute fees.  There are no collection or additional fees on your first Pick up if you bring a cooler with ice (or we can supply a cooled shipping box for $20.00. We recommend this option as the ship boxes are set up to keep the semen at the proper temperature) For Re-breed pick ups, there will be a $30.00 collection fee.  You will need to order your Semen as above in the shipped semen paragraph. Semen can be picked up after noon on the day before or the day of Breeding or arrangements can be made for earlier pick up.

We reserve the right to restrain mare humanely as necessary for the safety of mare,

Stallion, and handlers. We may have to use Tranquilizer in some situations on a Maiden or nervous mare. There will be an additional charge to cover that if needed. Karen Weaver will not be liable for any disease, accident, or injury to mare;

and Mare owner will not be liable for any disease, accident, or injury to stallion or

Personnel  at farm.

 If the above named stallion dies or becomes unfit for service, this contract is null and

Void, and you may have the option to breed to another available Stallion .

This contract is not transferable in the event of sale or death of the mare.

I have read, understand, and agree to all the terms of this contract as outlined above.

Mare owner/agent:_______________________________________________(print/sign)

Stallion owner: _________________________________________________(print/sign)

Date of execution: __________________

Mare owner information:



Telephone: ___________________________________

e-mail: _______________________________________

Any Additional info:

Shipping Address and Phone # for shipped semen:

Name  _________________________________

Contact person__________________________



If mailing this Contract, please keep a copy for your records

Kentucky Insemination & Stud Station (K.I.S.S.)

Karen Weaver 

889 Bennett Rd

Buffalo, KY 42716

(270) 932-1748

Please call or text for info, questions, or to order semen (270) 932-1748

Email for Paypal payments of Stud Fees, shipping fees and contract –