“Asher” is a 15.2 hand Purebred Friesian Stallion with a beautiful head and neck and very correct conformation. He has a nice short, strong back and a great personality. He has produced purebred Friesian foals with size, substance, and great dispositions. He has been tested as Negative for Dwarfism and Hydro! He also has been color tested as a Non-Fading Black. Asher also crosses well with many different breeds. He has produced some beautiful Sport horses from Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Saddlebreds and other breeds. Even if your Mare isn’t a Registered Mare, you can still Register the foal with  Friesian Heritage Horse 

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2023 Stud Fee

$350 Pregnant at 30 days


$600 Live Foal Guarantee

Additional $75. Chute Fee for on site A.I.

Mare Care available at $10/day

Shipped Semen- Additional Shipping charges

View and Print “Asher Of Satin’s” breeding contract here



PedigreeCopy of CoatTest

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