Al Reyhan Marou
Homozygous Black Straight Egyptian
SCID, CA, LFS tested Clear

Introducing Al Reyhan Marou, directly from John and Jean Clark’s longtime Straight Egyptian breeding program. Producing real “using” horses with sensible dispositions, fluid movement and big smooth strides was a common thread.

“Reyhan” is a prime example. One of the sweetest and most willing horses you’ll ever find. His grandsire, Khe Adhm is renown for having a great deal of influence on the disposition. These bloodlines are very consistent for producing typey and tall offspring with long necks and excellent legs, deep heart girths, well laid back shoulders and long hips. Horses that will excel in many disciplines, from racing, to endurance, to dressage, as well as, western. His smooth black color is just the icing on the cake.

Current Stud Fee: $800 with substantial discounts for multiple mares
We offer “live cover” as well as transported semen.
Also, frozen semen approved for export to the European Union.

Kentucky Arabian/Half-Arabian Breeders Alliance Nominated Sire.
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Standing at: SunSet Ridge in South Central Kentucky
Phone: 270-576-4035

Some of Al Reyhan Marou’s Foals:

Black filly  colt 3 foal

Filly2            Black colt 2           Black colt